In our experience there are three things that business owners really dislike:

  • Surprise bills
  • Not being able to get hold of their accountant
  • Waiting for what seems like an eternity for their accounts to be prepared

Sound familiar? We have tackled these issues head on and created three simple accounts and taxation packages to suit all business types.

Any good accountant will guarantee to have your accounts and tax completed before the deadlines, but many fail to give clients what they consider to be adequate notice of the tax they need to pay.

We guarantee to prepare your annual accounts within one month of the records being received, so we can advise you of your tax liabilities well in advance of the deadline.

We know it can be frustrating when you can’t get a response from your accountant, and many new clients cite this as one of the reasons why they join us.

We’ll meet with you to discuss your annual accounts and encourage you to contact us as many times as you need to throughout the year. Making sure that we are available when clients need to talk to us is one of our priorities.

We’ll take care of your accounts and taxation for a fixed annual fee, meaning no nasty surprises at the end of the financial year. If you’re a limited company we’ll also provide company secretarial services as part of the package. We base our fees on the work required – not the level of your profits or what we think we can get away with charging. We also give you the option of spreading your payments in monthly instalments, without interest.

Here’s what our packages cost:

*Personal tax returns for additional partners/directors are charged at £125 +VAT each

Whilst you may find that some of our competitors offer accounting packages that are similarly priced, we are confident that none of these provide the level and quality of service that we have come to pride ourselves on.

If you’re looking for an accountant who does things differently, call us to arrange a free consultation. We’d love to work with you!