So you’ve decided to outsource to a payroll bureau but why should you choose us?  What makes us different from the others?  Read on ….

Flexibility  We are able to provide payroll services to businesses located anywhere in the UK.  We understand that business isn’t always a Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm job, and we pride ourselves on our flexible approach.  Our office doesn’t close at 5pm on a Friday – we are always available via phone and email.  Think of us as your 24 hour payroll department.

Reliability  We are payroll specialists and can process even the most complex payrolls quickly ensuring a fast turnaround when required.  We will ensure that your payroll is accurate, that legislation is adhered to, and that all HMRC submissions are made on time.  We are here to stay – ask us to look after your payroll and you’ll never need to look for another provider.

Confidentiality  Confidentiality is vital.  Working with us you can be sure that your payroll data is safe and secure, and that all information will be kept confidential.

Cost  Our fees are extremely competitive (in fact we’ve not seen cheaper).  With no set up fees, hidden costs or price increases, our all-inclusive fixed monthly fees are exactly that – fixed fees that will remain fixed for the foreseeable.